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Fix a Feral Fund

Wild, feral, untouchable cats have no hope of being adopted as a conventional house cat and we believe the life of a feral or stray cat is every bit as worth that of a pet cat. Help us save feral cats by contributing to our Fix a Feral Fund. Just $60 will help spay or neuter a feral cat in Walton County through this special program.


Our Fix a Feral Fund is part of our Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) efforts. TNR involves humanely trapping community feral cats and transporting them to Spaybay where they are spayed or neutered. Cats are also given a health check, receive a Rabies vaccination, an ear-tip, and area treated for fleas. After surgery, the cat recuperates for two days and is then returned back to his colony habitat where caring individuals provide food, water and shelter.

Kittens and those friendly strays that approach us, walk, move and act like a housecat but are just disheveled and dirty, are moved into foster homes where they are loved and nurtured until they are well enough to be adopted.

Colonies gradually diminish in size because the cats are no longer breeding. By reducing or eliminating mating, fighting and wandering, TNR makes the colony more stable, impacts the influx of newcomers, and improves the health of the cats. 

Your $60 donation saves hundreds of unwanted stray kittens from being born into the life of a feral.


30A Cats truly appreciates your support!

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