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Feeding Newborn Kitten

I see a cat on 30A ...

Whether it's a tiny kitten or a grown cat, beautifully fluffy or pitifully thin, hearts melt at the sight of wispy whiskers and the sound of a pleading meow. What to do? 


  • UNDER 5 WEEKS OLD  If a kitten's eyes are unopened, if an umbilical cord is still attached, or if it weighs less than a pound, the best chance of survival is for the kitten to be taken back to the nest by its mother (the queen). A mother cat rarely abandons kittens. She may have been scared away, she may be moving her nest, she may be still in labor or she may just be gone to seek food or water, see this information: The best thing to do is LEAVE THEM BE  and complete a 30ACATS TNR AGREEMENT.

  • Nursing and Eating  - daily socialization is important but it's still best to leave them with their mother. Give the mother and kittens food and water, and stay near while they eat so they identify people as providers. Mrs. Kitten needs to be TNRed as soon as possible before she goes back in heat. Waiting will make it a more difficult surgery for her as she will be in heat or pregnant. Complete a 30ACATS TNR AGREEMENT as soon as possible so that she can be trapped and transported. The kittens will be fine for a day while she takes her trip to the spa at spaybay. She will still be able to nurse after her surgery.

  • In danger of vehicles, weather, or a predator - contact the property manager or owner and send a message to 30ACats by facebook or email with the location, picture, phone number and describe dangerous conditions.

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