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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Transport Instructions

This is a review of our transport details for your upcoming spay/neuter trip. Please keep in mind that keeping your appointment is your responsibility. There is no transfer of dates or refunds. This is a limited slot service and once you sign up, you remove the space from our availability which may cause another animal an undue wait. All other details can be found in the email you received when your application was accepted.

We are excited to have you as a part of our spay & neuter family and just as excited to meet you!



Drop-off is the evening prior to your surgery date. 
Our current drop-off and pick-up locations are:

Pick-up times will be at the same location as drop-off, and usually around 6:30 pm. It may change depending on when we are released by Operation Spay Bay. Paying close attention to your email/ phone text throughout the day will be vital. 

  • Each cat must come in their own rigid/hard-sided kennel/trap. This means ONE cat per carrier.

  • Cats must be in a cat-sized crate (up to 15/bs).

  • If the cat cannot be handled (feral/wild), they must come in a trap. If you need to borrow one, please send an email to well in advance, for availability.

  • Cats in traps must be covered with a lightweight material like a sheet the size of the trap.

  • All kennels/traps must be lined with newspaper or towels.

  • There should be no food or water in the kennels/traps.

  • The kennel/trap must be labeled with cat's name and owner's last name on a piece of masking tape. If you did not provide us with the cats name at registration, write your first and last name on that same piece of tape, and we will assist you at drop-off. Please do not add extra information to these pieces of tape.

  • Cats showing any signs of illness will not be able to join our transport. Our cats are transported in a vehicle within close quarters and we do not board cats who pose a risk of cross-contamination to another.

  • If you did not select for your cat to have their rabies vaccination updated on this transport, physical proof in the form of a printout certificate will be required at drop off. If this is not presented, you will be charged the $12 to have it done at the clinic. Rabies tags will not be sufficient.

  • No money will be accepted at drop off. If you need to add anything after registration you will need to email before the transport so we can have all payment set before drop-off.

Please be kind to our volunteers as we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to bring this service to you and your animals.

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