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Low Cost Spay/Neuter
Transport FAQ

Hopefully this section will help answer many of the questions you may have! Operation Spay Bay, in Panama City, is the low-cost clinic we use.  Dr. Bays and her staff are truly experts in the field of spaying and neutering. In fact, we don't only just use them for this gracious service, but we use them for much of our overall vet care whenever possible! Your little family members are in very capable hands!

Baby Lets Ride ...

Where are you located?
Unfortunately, 30A Cats does not have a facility at this time. We are a volunteer and foster-based organization. Our transport pickup locations are currently Tractor Supply in Defuniak Springs, Publix in Freeport, and Publix on Hwy 98 near Blue mountain Beach. If there is a change, you will receive notice in the email when your transport application is accepted.

How do I sign my cat up to get fixed?
Monthly transport dates will be advertised on our 30A cat Facebook page. If open, you will be able to sign up on the link provided there. If the next date is not available, you can sign up for the waiting list.

What is the minimum age/size my cats must be?
All cats must be at least 3 months old/12 weeks and 3 pounds.

How many cats can I book on each trip?
We limit each person to 5 animals per trip.


Can someone contact me when transports open?

If you are on the waiting list, you will receive an email the day before it opens to the public. Payment is required within 48 hours to secure your slot.

Can someone sign me up over the phone or any other way outside of online?
If you require special accommodations, please have a friend email with your contact information. 

My cats are already fixed. Can they go on the transport just for vaccines?
No. This is strictly a spay/neuter transportation service. Please watch for vaccination clinics on the Operation Spay Bay Facebook site and Pet Supplies Plus.  

What if my animal is pregnant or in heat?
We do not charge extra for this service. Should your cat have any special needs post surgery, we will let you know at pickup. If your cat required any extra pain meds or antibiotics, outside of what all cats are given at the time of surgery, we will provide them to you at pick up. 30A Cats will cover extra medicine costs if necessary. Donations are always appreciated though!

How long after a mother gives birth can she be spayed?
We recommend waiting until babies are at least 5 weeks old and/or weaned. Mom can return to nurse after surgery.

Do you give them pain meds/antibiotics?
Yes. The clinics veterinarians care deeply about the animals they perform surgery on. Any cat undergoing surgery receives pain meds and antibiotics. Typically these will come as an injectable, which last 24 to 48 hours post surgery. If extra is needed, the veterinarian will send it home with your cat.

What is an ear tip?
An ear tip is where 3/8" of the left ear is painlessly removed during surgery for an outdoor cat. This ear tip signifies the cat lives outdoors, is fixed, and has someone caring for them. The ear tip prevents finders from assuming the cat is ‘lost’ and removing them from their home environment before bringing them into an already crowded shelter. If your cat goes outdoors at all, we recommend you get your cat’s ear tipped. 

Can I drop my animal off earlier, or pick them up later than the scheduled times?
Unfortunately, no. Since we are a very small volunteer organization, we just don't have the availability to provide a greater window for pickup and drop-offs. You can always give your paperwork to a friend and have them complete the pickup or drop-off on your behalf!

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