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Eligible bachelor 

Lakewood Lou

Lakewood Lou may sound like a bass player’s name in a jazz band but he is one cool six-month old kitten living with 30A Cats. He came to us with his mom, dad and two brothers, found by 30A vacationers. Ken and Chrissy of North Carolina helped the local 30A cat volunteers with the very wet and eventful rescue. As we first set the trap and backed away to give the mom and kittens space, one of the volunteers stepped into the beautiful rental house pool! The littlest one was the hardest to trap, but once they did, Ken and Chrissy adopted him and named him “Frank” from Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie “Catch me if you Can.”

Daddy O and Suzy Q, the feral dad and mom who are also all black, were trapped and neutered. Mamma Suzy Q surprised us all and loves being an inside/outside cat and wants purrs and pets before any meal. She is still hanging out with Lou at her foster home until someone new sings “Suzie Q, I love you.”

Lakewood Lou loves that the foster has new kittens for him to play with. He shows them how to play with the ping pong ball, eat off the dog’s plate, hold a churu treat, and makes sure they get a bath before their next catnap. Lou is a great napping buddy – and rarely sleeps alone. Mamma, little blind Pippi, and Little Bear (more of 30A Cats’ rescues) all take turns getting to snuggle with him.

Black kittens are abundant on 30A because of their ability to hide from predators like eagles, ospreys, coyotes, and bobcats. We even find that the tuxedo cats in the area are losing much of their white so they can be camouflaged. Black cats can be hard to adopt even though other countries consider them good luck. 30A Cats find that the black kittens in this area have the sweetest, smartest, gentlest personalities and are very accepting of other cats and dogs.

If you are cool enough to have a black cat, chat down below about Lakewood Lou, Suzy Q, Little Bear or put your name on a list!

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